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Let’s work smarter, not harder.

Are you the type of author who cringes at the thought of spending potentially endless hours learning how to build a welcome sequence? Have you tried to learn it, but stalled in the setup? Or have you thought about starting a newsletter, but stumble when you try to put the system in place?

Hey! I’m Morgana and I love playing with systems.

Welcome sequences, testing newsletters, learning new automation styles and trialling new website builders are things I do to decompress. It’s like the background noise that relaxes you… only I’m getting productive tasks out of the way at the same time.

Did you just shudder?

It came as a shock to me when an author friend pointed out that not everyone enjoys tweaking websites or stripping their entire email system to the ground, starting from scratch. A realisation that caused me to pause.

I love helping authors, removing at least one of the stress points in this lonely business.

So here I am, figuring out how I can help make at least one piece of your business extra easy.

If you’d like to hand your welcome sequence worries off to someone else and focus on getting people to your list, or better yet, writing… then maybe you should outsource. 

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The Suppliers I Use

Why Do You Need A Welcome Sequence?

Have you ever set up an account with a store or software and totally forgotten you did it? Then, months later, you get a random product launch or sales email from them. It’s something you might be vaguely interested in, but there’s just one problem.

You wonder “How did they get my email?”

Now think of this from a reader’s perspective.

They join your list for a free bonus epilogue or book. Then they totally forget. They aren’t superfans yet and your name fades into the background. Three months later, you have a new release out and blast it out to all your subscribers.

Can you guess what happens next?

If you’re lucky, they’ll just scratch their heads, wonder how they got onto your mailing list and continue on with their day. But realistically? A good chunk will unsubscribe. Or worse, mark you as spam.

Enter the welcome sequence.

Imagine that instead of handing out the freebie and dropping those readers onto your list, you tried to engage them and ease them into your brand. They spend a couple of weeks getting a taste of what you can offer, learning about the rest of the series, building expectations and, most of all, getting reminders of HOW they joined your list.

Then, when their time in the training zone is up, they move into the general populace with everyone else. Granted, they could unsub at any time, but you now know you’ve done everything possible to entice them deeper into your brand and books.

Morgana created a wonderful and relevant Welcome Sequence that incorporated my voice as an author to better introduce readers into my specific brand. I was able to easily duplicate sequences to be repurposed for other bonus material and round robins.

Paula Dombrowiak

Rock Star Romance Author

I can highly recommend her service as she helped me with everything from my Mailerlite account to newsletter setup and sequencing. I didn’t know what to do with the list of emails I received for people who signed up to be on my mailing list and working full time was struggling and Morgana helped me from beginning to end.

Carrie Austin-Malone

Romance Author

How I Can Help

If you’d rather hire someone to handle your setup, then look no further. Between books and courses from the likes of Holly Darling HQ and Newsletter Ninja, I’ve tested multiple sequences, played with content to increase clicks and engage new subscribers.

The learning never ends, however, and I continue to absorb all the information available on email marketing.

This is a simple part of my business. I’d love to make it simple for you.

Build a sequence of your choosing. This can be welcome sequences from bonus content, reader magnets or general takeover events, or re-engagement sequences to run a final test on inactive subscribers before you cull the list.

Add tags and groups to segment your list and help you gather important marketing information automatically, such as tropes, books read and preferred retailers. 

– Write all the content. Between my Google Form and a brief video call, I’ll gather all the information needed to write your welcome sequence emails.

Save time & stress. Hire me to build your sequences and organise your automations.

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Welcome Sequence

More time for you to focus on your next book.

Remove any doubt and benefit from someone else’s experience.

Access to support after the sequence is built.

Note – 50% is required upfront.

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