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There’s always one, isn’t there?

And he was it; Matt Brodie. The one that sabotaged my biggest opportunity.

I picked my ass up and changed the game plan, I found another way. But I never would have had to, if he hadn’t stepped in and blocked my path.

I thought I’d put it behind me and moved on with my life, but when he steps in before the elevator doors close, I know I haven’t.

It’s been five years and now I’m trapped in an enclosed space with the biggest obstacle I’ve ever faced.

Will I be forced to work with my unresolved feelings? Or can he find his way back in to my good graces?

Charming Daphne is a steamy rock star romance and is a companion novella to the True Platinum series. Can be read as a standalone.

Join Daphne and Matt trapped in the elevator and watch the sparks fly.