Why aren't your books in KU?

For a book to be available on Kindle Unlimited, it must be exclusive to Amazon. That is an Amazon-enforced rule and one the individual author can’t get around. It’s important to me that my books be available to readers widely. This includes in libraries and on series apps, it includes Kobo Plus and any other way I might decide to release my books.

If Amazon were to remove the exclusivity clause on KU, I would make my books available there. Amazon won’t listen to authors though. It’s up to readers to demand that change. So if you feel strongly, go ahead and email Amazon customer service and call them. 


Where can I buy your books?

All of my books are available on Kobo, Google Play Books, Apple Books, Eden Bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, FNAC, Booktopia and many many more.

They are also available on Kobo Plus and are opted into Scribd. However, Scribd pick and choose which books in the romance genre they make available for consumption, so availabilty will very much depend on Scribd itself.

You’ll also find all of my books on KISS, Radish and Dreame. 


I want to request your books from my library but I can't find them in the catalogue

If you can’t find them in your libraries current catalogue that means they haven’t purchased copies yet.

You’ll need to email or go into your library and request they order a print or digital copy. 

All of my books are available in ebook format via Overdrive (Libby), Borrowbox, Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor and Gardners Library.

They are available in print via Ingram and Gardners.

If you provide this information to your library and they give you the name of a different network where my books are currently unavailable, feel free to email me  morgana@morganabevan.com and I’ll investigate how I can get my books there.

They are unfortunately not on Hoopla. Hoopla are notoriously slow at loading new books and years behind when it comes to indie books. You can contact Hoopla directly if you need to. Who knows it might give them a push to load them. All of the books are in the pending publishing process with them and have been since their publication day.