Today’s the day. MARRIED BLIND is finally LIVE!

2022 wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for me. If you’ve been here awhile, you know I get super honest with you when needed. Today’s one of those days because I have more than a release to celebrate. 

I made incredible progress in my author career in 2022, but I also struggled to protect my muse from the state of the world. That resulted in my burning out for a good chunk of the year. Only I didn’t know I’d burnt out. I just thought it was me being weird or me fearing the book, just me procrastinating.

Then, in walked Finn McCarthy, full of life and raring to tell me his story.

Is it weird for an author to claim a character saved them? Idk, but he did. I’ve loved every single one of the books I released this year. Every. Single. One. 

But none of them filled me with as much excitement as Married Blind did. 

This one was a dream to write and, what’s even more important, it proved to me that I haven’t lost it. It let me grow as a writer, it let me play with formats that a year ago, I never thought I could have handled. 

I wrote a book in DUAL POV. 

Let’s try that again in a different way.

I wrote from the Male POV for half a book, maybe even more. I haven’t tallied the divide and Finn definitely shouted louder than Abi. 

That’s HUGE for me when a year ago the very idea of it terrified me. (You’ll notice there have been multiple pieces of my books this year that scared me. Maybe we’ll dig into why I felt the need to do that to myself in Jan 🤣). 

So for all these reasons and more, Finn McCarthy will always hold a special place in my heart. Pretty sure he’ll be my favourite for life. (But of course there are more sexy actors waiting in the wings to try and knock him off his pedestal so we shall see.) 

Aside from Finn, I had so much fun returning to the Kings of Screen world. Getting to work pieces of my day job and experiences into these books always makes me grin at little. Especially when I get to combine someone as stubborn and strong-willed as Finn. It made for some hilarious interactions between him and the production team.

Ready to meet the grumpy but loveable Irishman who saved my creativity? Grab your copy of MARRIED BLIND now!

Happy Reading!

Morgana x

Will it be love at first sight, or are they fated to hate?


Some people go for dinner or coffee for their first date.

I got married.

Time and opportunities to meet Mr Right are slim, since I’m working three jobs. It’s ridiculous to think a reality-TV husband might be the one… but it will mean a break from my regularly scheduled life.

And what if he is?

To rehab my image — one I’ve cultivated for years, thank you very much — my agent has given me the hardest role I’ll ever have to play. A 24-hour loving husband, on reality TV.

It’s just 3 months. I can handle that. That’s all it will take for my latest sexcapade to be forgiven and forgotten, and instead of finding myself on the D-List, I might salvage my career.

I just have to stay strong and not fall for the perfect woman they’ve chosen for me.

That’s the problem with reality TV. It’s so hard to know when it’s TV and when it’s real.

Married Blind is a standalone marriage-of-convenience Hollywood romance set in the Kings of Screen world.

Also Available on Kobo Plus, Scribd and for request from libraries.
Tropes: reality tv, one of them is famous, arranged marriage, marriage of convenience, one-bed, grumpy x sunshine

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I should have pecked Abi on the lips and backed away. I kept screaming the same thing at myself, over and over again. 

Yet, I couldn’t stop. 

Couldn’t release my grip on her soft skin, couldn’t pull myself away. I got lost in the taste of her, in the almost timid caress of her lips against mine. One soft gasp from her as I deepened the kiss, and I needed more. Her hesitation melting away was like catnip.

It consumed all of me. An on-camera kiss never did that. No matter who it was, I always had control.

Jesus. When did I turn into this person?

Cheers and applause invaded, pushing my common sense to the forefront and reminding me of my surroundings. Renewed determination filled me. If a kiss could be that off the charts when it shouldn’t, the next three months would be a piece of cake. I’d play the perfect husband for the cameras, rehab my career, and then divorce her and be done.

I broke the kiss and forced my mask back into place. Nothing to see here. This Irishman isn’t the slightest bit affected. Which would be a lie, but no one needed to know. 

And then I focused on her again, and my control almost slipped. 

She gazed at me, her lips swollen, her baby blue eyes glazed, and her cheeks flushed. The need to make her look at me like that with her vibrant auburn hair spread out on my pillow, mussed from a good fucking, took me by surprise. 

Christ on a bike. What is wrong with me? 

Caught in a daze of my own, I took her hand and turned us to face the raucous crowd. I led Abi through them, aiming for the door.

People threw confetti over us, shouting their congratulations with tears in their eyes. Where did they get these people? 

Aside from Shaun, his fiancée, my friends, and my agent, no one else on the guest list mattered to me. Charlie had better skip the reception. I was going to murder him for inviting the studio execs.

“Are you alright?” Abi asked as we reached the door.

“Fine,” I growled. 

“Okay…” She hesitated, her fingers twitching in my grip. She leaned into me, and for a second I thought she planned to kiss me again. “You’re mumbling to yourself, so if you don’t want them to broadcast it, zip it.”

The doors opened, and I did just that. I needed to remember they had me perpetually mic’ed. The producers would have zero concerns about using inappropriate comments for their show if it increased the drama.

So, for the next three months, I needed to break a habit of a lifetime and put on a full-time bloody show.

Shite in a bucket. What have I done?